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My name is Hazel Mitchell and I am an independent funeral celebrant. What this means is that write and conduct very personal services for funerals and memorials. Each individual ceremony is tailor made to reflect the life of the deceased and to the personal wishes of the family. Each life is entitled to a dignified and appropriate tribute with the focus being on the aspects that made that person special.

A Funeral Service is part of the healing process and the End of Life ceremony has two aims - the first is to celebrate the life of your loved one and also to be sensitive to your needs, at what can be a very sad and difficult time.

To enable me to create the ceremony you wish, it is obviously helpful to me to get to know as much as possible about the person who has died, as each ceremony is different and highly individual. This all helps to make the occasion more personal and special.

This information is usually gathered by means of me making a home visit to you, but if necessary this can also be done by phone or email.

It may be helpful to think about the following areas in preparation for my visit.

- where the deceased was born and grew up.
- Siblings and family members they grew up with.
- School days and childhood stories.
- Partners, children, grandchildren and other family members.
- Closest friends.
- Armed Forces/National Service.
- Careers and places of work.
- Groups and societies belonged to.
- Interests and achievements.
- Favourite memories.
- Musical tastes.
- Sayings, stories and anecdotes.
- What will they be most remembered for?
- Did the deceased ever make any personal request regarding their own funeral?
- Will anybody else be speaking/participating in the service?

I look forward to speaking with you, and meeting you soon, as well as any other family members or friends whom you would like to be involved in preparing the ceremony. Should you have any questions prior to our meeting, or are yet undecided as to whether or not this type of service will be
appropriate, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

hazel mitchell - funeral celebrant
fellowship of professional celebrants
fellowship of professional celebrants

Hazel Mitchell

Member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants


Just a few words to say how delighted we were with the funeral service for my mother. The ceremony was both moving and memorable; many people wondered if you had known my mother as you empathised so well with the story of her life. Once again thank you for leaving us with such great comfort.
Joy - Whitley

Thank you for your kind and sensitive words today at Mum’s cremation service. We really appreciated the thought you had put into everything and the lovely poem you chose. You made it feel as if you knew her and so the service was special.
Faith - Taunton

Thank you from the whole family, we appreciated everything you did for us.
Lynn - Trowbridge

Thank you for helping us mourn the loss of Granddad, such a healing process, you made it special.
Nadine - Greenhythe

Thank you so much for helping to make Mum’s day so very special. Your warmth and caring shone through whilst you were reading. You totally understood our closeness and how much we all loved her. Everyone commented on what a lovely send off it was for Mum. We are forever grateful and will remember you always for sharing Mum’s day.
Sharon - Frome

Just a quick not to say a massive thank you to you for all you have done. I think we sent him off in a style befitting! Again many thanks.
Niall - Surrey.

Hazel I would like to thank you very much for all your support and input to making everything go well for Dad’s funeral. We had a lot of feedback saying you gave Dad a lovely send off and the final poem gave some a lot of thought.
Jackie - Frome

I would like to thank you so very much for the excellent eulogy you gave at Dad’s funeral. I have had so many people say to me what a lovely service it was and one of the nicest and most personal they have ever attended. My Dad would have been so happy that a fellow Scot sent him off so excellently on his last journey.
Brian - Frome.

Thank you for lovely service you held for Roger, everyone thought it was just right for him. It was a great comfort to me. Thank you again.
Della - Westbury

We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and the whole family would like to thank you for the lovely service. Mum would have been very happy with it. We have mentioned how pleased we were to the undertakers and we hope other families will be lucky enough for you to take their services.
Martin and Julie Trowbridge.

Dad and the rest of the family would like to thank you so much for Mum’s service today. We have had so many comments about how lovely it was, so thank you again. Ivan,
Karen and family - Westbury

Thank you for the lovely service for Mum, Hazel. It was just right and so moving. I do believe that when people work from the heart in any profession they touch the souls of those around them.
Jo - Radstock

Thank you for doing Mum’s service yesterday - it was perfect. Everyone said you got her character perfectly.
Sue - Devizes

Just a brief note to say thank you for your help and guidance today. You made a difficult time easier.
Roger - Bristol


My Funeral Celebrant Services

My Services

Many people are puzzled as to why one would choose and independent funeral celebrant, but in this increasingly secular world, often families have no affiliation to a religious body in their area and during their lifetime may have developed their own beliefs which may not be a comfortable fit with their local church. Sometimes in these instances, a Humanist celebrant may be used, but again they do not always reflect the spirituality of the person whose life we will celebrate, as this association do not believe in any form of afterlife.

The individual ceremonies I create are positive and uplifting while being true to the essence of the deceased, whose life will often have a mixture of light and shade, success and failure. I want to create the ceremony which would reflect what they would have wanted and leave the loved ones with some sense of peace.

On most occasions, I will meet with the family of the deceased to talk about them and to create the kind of ceremony which truly reflects their background, beliefs, values and even idiosyncrasies and to fulfil the needs of those still remaining. If the family lives a long distance away, this may be more conveniently done by email and telephone.

I will take time to listen, offer suggestions as required and discuss with you the best way to honour the person whose funeral we are organising. Family or friend may want to pay their respects during the service, with poems, anecdotes or readings. That is fine, since there are no set rules about the format, just what works best for you. Whatever has significance for you and is inclusive of everyone, is welcome.

Sometimes people chose more unusual ways to say goodbye and whatever that may be I will try my best to accommodate this by working with your chosen Funeral Director. I really do care that you have the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that you, and they wouldb have wished.

Non Religious Services

This type of funeral service is without mention or reference to any form of religion or after life, and is based very much around more humanist values. It is also important to remember though, that even if a person who has died was agnostic or atheist, that people attending the funeral may have faith and it is therefore considerate to honour both sides accordingly. If you feel it is appropriate, then a short period of quiet reflection can be included within the service to allow those who may have religious beliefs to say a silent prayer.

If the service is being conducted at a crematorium, then on request it can usually be arranged for the crucifix or other religious symbols to be removed from the chapel prior to the start of the service.

Semi Religious (Christian) Service

More and more people are finding themselves not linked to any ‘church’ or just simply find that the church itself has lost significance for them, yet are still deeply spiritual people. They have their faith but don’t have a comfortable fit within any organised religion. However, often they would still like a service with spiritual significance.

This type of funeral honours the existence of Jesus and the belief structure of Christianity. It is ideal for a funeral where the deceased person’s background was Christian, but they were not necessarily a church goer.

You will be invited to suggest any hymns. prayers, readings or poetry that you may like included within the service.

Spiritual Funerals

Many people don’t classify themselves as religious or simply are just unsure as to if or what they believe, but still they don’t want to deny the possibility of life after death or some form of spiritual life.

I can conduct agnostic and specific funerals which reflect individuals levels of belief, whatever they may be. Participants are welcome to suggest appropriate hymns, music, readings and symbolism either spiritual or secular which will make the ceremony personal and moving and which will provide comfort to all those present.

New Age/Holistic Funerals

In this modern world, many people now prefer a blending of many beliefs often referred to as ‘New Age’ or ‘Holistic’.

I can conduct a range of Holistic funerals which honour the principles of reincarnation and spirit presence. These may include music, meditation angelic and energy focused rituals.

As I am totally independent of either any religious or humanist organisation, I can create a service which totally reflects each persons belief about both life and death.

These individual life centred funeral ceremonies are beautiful and unique, and are for those who want something more personal and meaningful than a traditional ceremony.


Please use the information below to get in touch with me...

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